Walmart Employees Allegedly 'Refuse' To Make 'Controversial' Cake For Retiring Police Officer

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Taylor Wilkes of Locust-Grove took to Facebook to complain about a Georgia Walmart’s refusal to bake a cake with the words “Blue Lives Matter” written on it.

According to Wilkes, the family of the retiring officer went to order a cake for the retirement party, and asked that the cake have a “thin blue line” on the icing, to pay homage to his career in law enforcement.


Wilkes wrote: "Walmart refused to honor her request due to it being 'racist.' Three separate people in management denied her request. There is nothing racist about the symbolism behind the 'thin blue line,' yet people choose to make everything about race."

The family went to another supermarket to order the cake, but Facebook users had already began expressing their outrage, with some even complaining on the McDonough Walmart's Yelp page.


Wilkes later stated on Facebook that Walmart had reached out to the family and sent them gift cards, decorations, and a cake with the words “Blue Lives Matter” on it.

The Walmart location told "We've addressed any issues to everyone involved, and taken steps to ensure that no other customers will have any obstacles. We were able to connect with the family and make it right. She picked up the cake she wanted, and they had their event [Sunday]."


However, the woman who had originally ordered the cake said: "[The cake] looked terrible. It doesn't look professional."

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: KPRC 2 Click2Houston

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