Customer Humiliated for Grabbing Waitress' Butt in Public

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What began as a normal working night for Emelia Holden, a beautiful 21-year-old lady who waited tables at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, turned out to be an unforgettable Saturday night of her life as a waitress.

At about 11pm, Emelia Holden after taking orders from some guests seated in the patio area of the restaurant as usual, had turned to return their menus to the counter, in order to sort the order pads and menu, when a man stunned her by walking boldly to her and slyly groped her backside out of the blues with his left hand, thinking Emelia wouldn't mind or notice. And not knowing that he would be caught on the restaurant's surveillance camera footage.

Unfortunately for him, Emelia didn't like it and she expressed her displeasure to the randy man. Instead of apologizing, the pervert thought he could get away by walking far away from her, but Emelia was having none of it as she turned and chased after the man as she was seen doing on the surveillance camera.  

According to Daily Mail, he didn’t get far as Emelia Holden went after him, hot on his tail as he headed towards the exit.

She caught up with him, grabbing him furiously by the scruff of his neck and the back of his t-shirt, putting him in a headlock position, before slamming him with one arm into the wall of the crowded restaurant.

 The pervert, unable to keep his balance fell and crashed to the patio’s floor, close to the counter of the restaurant.

Satisfied with seeing him on the floor. Emelia went ahead to give the man a piece of her mind, berating the dumbfounded man right in front of other guests in the restaurant.

Right there she told him his action was inappropriate, out of line and wouldn't be tolerated. The errant man had no choice but to receive the tongue lashing in silence.

As if the tongue lashing wasn't enough, Emelia wrestled him and gave the man a taste of his own bitter medicine by showing him how it feels to be touched without one's consent and permission, before she had one of her colleagues put a call through to the police.

The man having suffered a terrible humiliation at the restaurant was further shamed when the police arrived at the scene, watched the footage of the incidence and whisked him away in handcuffs.

He ended up spending almost two days in a cell simply because of his irresponsible and inappropriate behavior.

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