Waiter Suspended From Job Over Note He Wrote On Customers' Receipt

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19-year-old Barnard Bradfield was working at Bubba’s Bar & Grill in the Heights when he wrote a receipt for customers whose names he had forgotten. He then decided to use their skin color to help him remember which table the receipt belonged to.

He wrote “Black Girls” on the receipt.


He said: "I was trying to remember the ladies' names but it wasn't right, of course. I just was trying to remember their names so I didn't give them a wrong order or anything."

When the customers saw the receipt, they became upset.

Speaking to Local 2, General Manager Eliud Zapata stated that the customers seemed OK with how the situation was handled.


"They didn't make it a big deal. They were upset about it but they felt it wasn't personal, that we weren't trying to be racist," Zapata said.

Bradfield, an African American, stated that he never thought the receipt would be posted on social media and trigger such an intense backlash.

One person commented: "This is why I will no longer go to any place on Washington Ave!!! This not the only place out there that does this."


Another one wrote: "Are they putting different ingredients in our (black girls) food or what?!!!"

Following the incident, Bradfield was suspended. The manager maintained that he was due back soon.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: HLN

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