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Video Allegedly Shows Kansas City Attorney 'Threatening' Officers And Their Families

Stacy Shaw, a well-known Kansas City civil rights attorney and vocal activist was caught on camera threatening police officers as well as their families. The video was shared on the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police’s Facebook page.

“We have been courteous, we have been respectful, but we’re not doing that anymore,” she shouted into a megaphone. “We are seeking to revoke their peace officers’ licenses and we are going to start sharing things with your children’s teachers.”

She then went on to direct her threats to include the children of the Kansas City police officers.

“You don’t think that we have extensive researchers? You don’t think we know where all y’all live? You don’t think we don’t know where your children go to school? Who the f–k do you think we are? We are tired. We are tired and I don’t make threats,” she said. “I don’t make threats, but we’re going to start sharing this information where your children can see it,” she said.

“I don’t need a weapon to come after people that are supposed to be in power,” she continued. “That ain’t my style. I don’t need a spray can. I don’t need any sort of weapons.”

“What we are going to start doing is we’re going to start using your character against you. You will have no one, no one that loves you after we get done with this next campaign. No one.”

Shaw stated that when she was done with the officers, there wouldn’t be any safe place remaining “for anyone that wears this badge.”

“Not one single place. We will make sure that even your children can’t stand you,” she stated.

Brad Lemon, the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President, accompanied the video with a message of his own.

He wrote: “We are aware of the video of Attorney Stacy Shaw threatening our members and their families. Our Lodge has begun work with city and state leadership. As always we urge our membership to remain calm and act as we have been trained to do. We should always be aware of our surroundings and potential threats.”

“Yes, Shaw’s threats serve to raise that threat level,” he said. “We must remember that while a small number of people may be violent and threatening our families, the majority of this city supports you.”

Photo Credit: D B

Photo Credit: D B

“We do this job and have an understanding of the danger that accompanies our oath. Our families do not deserve what Shaw is threatening. Be safe brothers and sisters,” he concluded.

Shaw has yet to comment on the video.

Sources: America Now

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