Video Allegedly Shows Corpse 'Waving' Through Coffin's Glass Panel During Funeral

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Photo Credit: Internet Refresh

Photo Credit: Internet Refresh

A person was being buried in a Christian service in Manado, Indonesia, when mourners witnessed a creepy occurrence from inside the coffin.

As the priest read prayers with the mourning family gathered nearby, a hand and fingers were seen moving under the casket’s glass panel.

In the footage, the priest can be heard saying: “God has said in the book of John. I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me he will live even though he is dead.”

A few moments later, the hand seemingly waves, or is pressed against the coffin lid.

When the footage emerged online earlier this month, locals began suggesting that the body may have been waving or attempting to escape. It is unknown whether the person was alive or if anyone checked.

“Yes, he waved, maybe he was still alive and try to dig his way out,” Yunita Ouwa wrote online.

“Maybe it's a mouse,” Toink Khan stated.

Despite the creepy statements, the most likely scenario was that the body was moving due to rigor mortis and the ligament changes due to decomposition.

According to a study published in September 2019 in Medical News Today, human bodies can move unaided after death.

Researchers from Central Queensland University in Rockhampton, Australia, studying the process of decomposition concluded that without any external 'assistance,' human remains can change position. This study has provided vital information for forensic science.

Sources: Daily Mail 

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