Truth Finally Comes Out About 2 Kids Buried Side-by-Side In Yard

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When they buried the tiny body in their yard, they never thought the police would catch onto them. But now police have charged a family in the death of the Georgia girl whose corpse was uncovered recently along with her brother whose body was found abandoned in a well. Five relatives from Guyton, Georgia are now facing serious charges in the death of the two, adorable children.

Father 50-year-old Elwyn Crocker Sr., the stepmother of the dead children, and three other relatives seemed to have all conspired in the deaths of the two little children. These individuals have been charged with two counts of felony murder, child cruelty, and concealing a death.


Although Elwyn and his family thought they would get away with murder, the police were too good for them. A tip led investigators from the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office to the bodies of 14-year-old Mary Crocker and her 14-year-old brother Elwyn Crocker Jr. They were both buried in their father’s yard.

Because both children had been homeschooled, they were not reported missing. This made it easy for the family to hide their dead bodies and hope that they would never be found.

However, there was someone who noticed. That’s how the tip led sheriff’s deputies to the property where they found the dead children.


As it turned out, the two children were treated worse than animals. Elwyn Sr. and his brood kept the 14-year-old children locked away in dog crates. They starved and beat them – and potentially sexually molested the children.

Next month, the five defendants will be arraigned.

Before the boy was killed, Elwyn Sr. complained about his son to the police. The father called his son a “bully” and said that he stole and would not take his baths.

An incident report said that Cpl. Kurtis Smith appeared at the property and took Elwyn Jr. aside to ask him what was wrong. The boy acknowledged that he was angry, but he was upset because he was homeschooled and did not have friends. At this point, Smith advised Elwyn Jr. to listen to his father and follow the rules. This would be the last time he would be seen alive by police. This encounter was in 2015.


Two and a half years later in December 2018, police officers uncovered Elwyn Jr’s body along with his sister’s. They found them less than a week before Christmas. The boy and girl were buried behind the family’s trailer, which was about 30 miles outside of Savannah, Georgia.

Elwyn Sr. was arrested and forced to resign from his job as Santa Claus at the local Walmart. He along with his family were all locked away and have not yet listed any attorneys for themselves.


Meanwhile, medical examiners worked around the clock to identify the cause of death for the children. When they found out it was a homicide, they knew that Elwyn Sr. and his family members were the ones responsible. The evidence was clear, and they were then charged with dual counts of felony murder.

Sources: Washington Post / Photo Credit: Post Image

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