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Truth Comes Out About Why Dogs Refuse To Leave Spot On Side Of Road

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While walking across a busy road in Qingyang, China, a dog was hit by a car and killed. For the last month, its body has been resting by the side of the road in the grass. However, it has not been alone. For the entirety of that time, the dog’s best friend, another canine, has remained beside it to “protect their dead friend.”

Although images from the roadside are very sad, it is also a heartwarming story to know how dedicated the friend of the dead dog is, even after it has been hit by a car and killed. And to make this story even better, there is not just one dog doing the guarding but another as well. The pair of dogs miss their canine playmate so much that they’re spending the greater part of a month watching over the dog’s decaying corpse as it passes on from this world for good.


The two dogs, who do not seem to have homes and live the hard life of strays, have stood by the dead dog for a month since it was struck by a car and killed. If people approach to investigate, the dogs would run away and return later to their guard by the dog’s side.


Villagers have started to notice the dogs keeping watch over their dead playmate. They figured it would happen for a few days at most, but now that it has lasted more than a month, villagers are stunned. A female villager told reporters that the dog got hit by a car a month ago and still these loyal companions hold guard over its body. The footage was released by Pear Video recently that shows the two loyal companions sitting near their deceased friend outside of the village in Qingyang in China’s northwestern province Gansu.


The villager realized what they were doing after the two dogs started barking at her one night while she walked along the road. They were clearly guarding something. She didn’t bother to challenge them as they were very fierce. However, the next day, she happened in the same area again and realized they were there to guard the dead dog.

“(They) remain here maybe because they are scared that strangers would go close (to their friend),” she said.


She realized that the dogs are staying by their friend so often that they have left marks on the ground from where they have stood their guard.

Because the woman felt pity for the dogs, she took it upon herself to lay the dead one to rest. Even though the dog has been buried, the two friends are still loyal and remain as close as possible.


Readers on Daily Mail saw the story and shared their reactions in the comments:

“I’m a cat person by default, but it always amazes me how dogs show such devotion to other dogs and to us humans. If I had the time to provide, I would have a dog.”

“Dogs can be more caring than a great many people.”

What do you think about the dedication these dogs have shown for their dead friend?

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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