Guy In 'F*** Trump' T-Shirt Attacks Woman Over Flag, Neighbor Strikes Back (Video)

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What would you make of the fact that you get harassed on your private property. Let me put it in another way; what would you do if you were getting harassed for being patriotic. This is a situation a woman herself recently.

An audio visual of man (clearly anti-trump) has been circulating the internet not because he is anti-trump but because he may not be a patriotic American or not even an American at all.

From the video, a woman flying the American flag on her front porch was harassed by the man putting on an anti-trump t-shirt but for the timely intervention of her neighbor.

“Quit seriously attacking her for no reason! You’re being a d*ck,” says the neighbor. “I was over here — you just came up to her and started yelling at her and attacking her for no reason.” Her neighbor gushed to the man. “We asked her to take her flag down like three days ago,” replied the man. The confidence the man replied with was as if he was under an influence. Or what do you make of this kind of situation. Besides the fact that this is America and there is freedom of expression, there has been no law against flying an American flag-symbol of our freedom, on your porch.

The neighbor who came to the woman rescue tried to let the anti-trump man knows that it is not “his right” to demand anyone to remove the American flag from their own home even if there is a law like that.

“Yeah, actually, it is the law,” the man replied ignorantly with some kind of deep conviction just to make the woman believe such law exists.

2005 Freedom to Display the American Flag Act, which categorically prohibits real estate management organizations from telling citizens they cannot fly the flag:

In 2006 the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 officially became law. This law forbids any housing co-op, condo board, or residential real estate management group from restricting a person’s right to display the American flag on their own residential property as long as the display jibes with federal law and is reasonable. [Source: CNN]

In addition, Section 6 of the United States Flag Code states, “The flag should be displayed on all days.”

On Flag Day in 1923, a group of organizations headed by the American Legion outlined the National Flag Code as a set of advisory rules for displaying the flag. These rules became law during World War II and form the bulk of what’s now the United States Flag Code.

These rules cover all manner of extremely specific situations, but they’re all governed by the same basic principle: the flag is one of the most visible and important symbols of our country, so we should treat it with respect. [Source: CNN]

Unfortunately for the leftist, the American flag symbol keeps getting more controversial - a trend that could be attributed to have started during Obama era in the White house when American started taking ideas like Communism, Socialism and Marxism and denying all things American.

To set the record straight once and for all, it isn’t illegal to fly the American flag on anywhere on your property. If by any means you are offended by homeowners who are proud enough of their country to fly its flag, perhaps you ought to consider moving to another neighborhood or to another country entirely where Communism, Socialism and Marxism is the order of the day. But to move another country where the freedom they enjoy here may not exist may be too much daunting a task for them to carry out. And they seem to have forgotten quickly that those freedom may not have existed if not for the courageous men and women who fought and died for the flag.

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