This Woman Claimed An Alligator Ate Her Husband. 18 Years Later, We Now Know The Sick Truth (Video)

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On May 8, 2018, police arrested Denise Williams after piecing together evidence connecting her to the disappearance of her husband in 2000. According to local media, the arrest came after the woman fell out of favor with a lover who originally co-conspired with her to kill Denise Williams’s now deceased husband.

The story all began in 1997 when Denise Williams, then married to Michael Williams, fell in love with another man. Denise and her secret lover - Brian Winchester - plotted to kill Mr. Williams and then marry. The murder was also arranged so that Denise could claim her deceased husband’s life insurance policy payout after authorities had fallen for her plot.

An alligator ate Michael Williams

In 2000, police reports indicated that Mr. Williams went out duck hunting on Lake Seminole in Florida. Notably, the lake is known for having a large population of alligators that occasionally snap unsuspecting humans away from their boats and make a meal of them. At the time, Denise explained that Mike had gone out to hunt but ended up never returning. Police and friends searched for his body in vain and Denise later claimed close to $2 million in payouts from her husband's life insurance policy.

Denise and Brian Winchester ended up marrying in 2005, however, the relationship did not end up going very smoothly. In 2010, Denise later claimed that Winchester had tried kidnapping her. As a result, Winchester was sentenced to 20 years in jail. The story took another turn in February of this year when Denise was sentenced to life in prison.

The close relationship between Brian and Denise

Reportedly, Mr. Winchester was persuaded by prosecutors to testify against Denise on the condition that his testimony would not incriminate him. Before the court, Winchester recounted how Denise came up with the plan to dispose of her husband. After weeks of planning, Winchester followed Mike to the hunting spot and ended his life. He left Mike’s boat in the water to cover his trail and buried the body in the bank of the lake.

Interestingly, the killer couple began having issues when their suspicions about someone unraveling their plot grew stronger. During that time, local police had revived the case of Mike’s disappearance which they had initially classified as a missing person case. But they began to notice holes in the initial testimony particularly when Brian and Denise entered the equation. Further evidence showed that Brian was the insurance agent who signed part of the insurance claim brought forward by Denise.

Sources: The Sun, Tallahassee, The Washington Post / Photo Credit: The Sun

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