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This Psychopath Dug Up Young Girls' Bodies And Made Them Into Dolls - Now He Could Walk Free

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52-year-old Anatoly Moskvin, a historian from the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, was arrested and sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment after authorities discovered two dozen mummified bodies inside his apartment in 2011.

However, the deranged man could now walk free as the order keeping him in the secure hospital expired in December. The relatives of the deceased children whose bodies were turned into dolls expressed their outrage after Moskvin's release.

“He is incurable. He will just stop taking pills, and at some stage, he will return to his terrible actions as he had promised he’d do," one of the victims’ parents told the media.

Moskvin had developed an unusual fascination with death during his childhood. Reports revealed that at some point in his life, Moskvin started stealing bodies of girls aged between 3 and 12 years old.

After drying the bodies he had dug up from their graves, he either covered their limbs with pieces of cloth or filled them with stuffing. Sometimes he would add wax masks embellished with nail polish to their faces. He then dressed the bodies in brightly colored children’s clothes and placed wigs on their heads. In a sickening twist, he even stuffed music boxes inside the rib cages of some of the dolls.

“We saw these dolls but we did not suspect there were dead bodies inside. We thought it was his hobby,” Moskvin's mother told the police after he was arrested.

During his court trial, Moskvin provided detectives with contradictory explanations for his actions. According to the reports, Moskvin initially said that he was lonely and that he wanted to interact or communicate with the girls. However, he later claimed that he had tried to find means to resurrect the bodies that he had snatched from their graves. In yet another instance, he claimed that he wanted to become a mummification expert.

Sources: RT / Photo Credit: Imagen Entretenimiento

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