This Mother Was Arrested After Police Discovered What She Stashed In Her Daughter's Backpack

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Police in Texas said they arrested a mother for stashing marijuana in her daughter’s backpack. According to local media reports, the office of the sheriff for Montgomery County arrested Lexi Royse at the drop-off line near her daughter’s school.

More specifically, Montgomery County deputies said that they had tried to initially stop the woman for a traffic offense, however, the woman disobeyed the order and instead continued to drive towards her daughter’s school. The police report goes on to disclose that Royse finally stopped at the school’s drop-off line and sent her kid into school.

Mother charged with evidence tampering and possession of marijuana

Interestingly, the deputies discovered a stash of marijuana in the child’s backpack. The mother therefore avoided the police stop to try and prevent herself from getting busted for possession of marijuana. She reportedly stashed the marijuana in the child’s backpack right before letting her daughter out of the car. The police charged the lady with several counts Including possession of a controlled substance in a restricted area and evidence tampering.

Cases of adults exposing young children to drugs around Texas have featured prominently in the media. Late last year, police arrested employees of a fast-food chain called Sonic Drive-In for allegedly serving an ecstasy-laced hamburger to young children.

The kids, a girl who was just 11 years of age and her brother who was only four years of age, were shocked after they discovered the pill inside their hamburger. Immediately, the kids alerted their parents who presented the hamburger to police.

Speaking to the media, the police chief for Taylor County said, “When she opened the wrapping, she noticed a pill. Being that young, she asked her parents if it was candy.”

The law prohibits exposure of children to controlled substances

At the police station, the deputies tested the pill which came out positive for ecstasy. Immediately, an arrest warrant was obtained for Tanisha Dancer, Jose Molina, and Jonathan Roberson, ages 30, 22, and 35 respectively.

One of the suspects had a number of ecstasy pills tucked in her clothes the moment she was incarcerated. Further, the police also established that she had violated parole and that there was a warrant outstanding for the same issue. The suspects were charged with a felony.

State and federal law prohibits parents and adults from exposing young children to hard drugs. In Texas, the law charges such offenders with a felony. The definition of exposure includes the use of drugs in the presence of kids as well as letting kids handle drugs.

Sources: ABC7NY, Yahoo / Photo Credit: ABC7NY

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