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This Girl Fell From A Building's 12th Floor Balcony, Then A Miracle Happened (Video)

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A video of a young teenager from India plummeting from a 12th floor balcony has gone viral on social media. The girl, Hetal Saroli, is a 13-year-old student from Gujarat in the West Indian state.

It seems Saroli was on a balcony looking at some school friends who were walking along the street near her house. She leaned over the railing of the balcony to take a better look at them and that was when she lost her balance and fell over.

During the fall, she smashed through a bike shed roof and fell to the ground. The footage shows the terrifying moment when the young girl plunged through twelve stories and broke the bike shed’s metal roof due to the force of her impact. Saroli then flipped and fell one more time.

Surprisingly, she survived the 18 injuries that resulted from the accident. Ms. Saroli suffered internal bleeding and a broken hand.

The footage shows how witnesses quickly rushed to help Ms. Saroli after her fall. Luckily, she is now in stable condition at the New Civil Hospital in Surat.

Doctors still don’t understand how the 13-year-old girl managed to survive the fall from the balcony, and some have speculated that it may have been because the shed roof managed to temporarily break her fall before she landed on the ground. In fact, doctors say that it was a miracle the teenager survived. Due to internal bleeding and other injuries in her waist and stomach, she had to undergo special treatment as well as multiple surgeries. She was immediately admitted into the hospital’s intensive care unit and even though she is now stable, doctors state that Saroli may need other operations in the future.

According to the New Civil Hospital’s doctors, most of the 18 injuries were concentrated around her head and legs. She also broke one of her hands and fractured the other one. Most of the operations will be for the injuries located in her ribcage which suffered serious fractures. Fortunately, the rest of her organs are working well. Medics said that Saroli’s brain, heart, liver and kidneys are in healthy condition.

One of Saroli’s surgical procedures was a tracheotomy which was successfully performed by the New Civil Hospital’s doctors. The surgery allowed her to breathe through the neck using a breathing tube. In fact, it was necessary to let the teenager’s broken limbs heal before subjecting her to any other surgical procedure.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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