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This Disabled Iraq War Veteran Just Received What Every American Veteran Deserves (Video)


Iraq war veteran Paul Skarinka has received a brand new handicap-accessible home after losing his leg in combat 15 years ago.

Paul Skarinka moves into new home in Hanson

Along with his wife and children, Paul stepped into his new 2,800 square foot home sitting on 3 acres in Hanson. Paul was amazed with the home and expressed his gratitude to everyone who took part in the project. The 39-year-old said that he was nervous about moving into such a fantastic house.

His wife Jennifer Skarinka was delighted and stated that she was happy that Paul will now live a somewhat normal life. The one floor home has four-foot wide corridors, an adapted shower, and low countertops as well as other considerate modifications that will be a great improvement relative to their prior Bridgewater house.

Paul could not manage to use his wheelchair at his previous home and had to always walk around on one leg throughout the day. His wife recounted that the new house is a perfect representation of what they always considered to be their dream home.

Despite injuries, Paul Skarinka still serves his community

Paul Skarinka is a former army corporal who served in the Iraq War. On September 13th 2004, a grenade explosion in Sadr City injured Skarinka just outside of Baghdad. He was transferred to Germany and then Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he underwent 25 surgeries and more than ten blood transfusions. The journey of his rehabilitation ultimately led to the amputation of his left leg just below the knee in 2015.

However, despite his injuries, Paul has continued to serve others since coming home. Currently, he works in Plympton as a paramedic and emergency medical technician. His wife said that his work as a paramedic and fire-fighter is strenuous on his body and by the time he gets home from work, he’s already very exhausted. With his new house, Paul can now use a wheelchair when he gets home after a long day and wheel around without worrying about bumping into things.

Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors foundation

Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors provided this opportunity for Paul and his family. The foundation was started by former NFL player Jared Allen with the mission to serve those who have served us. The foundation is currently working on another six homes including one in Derry, New Hampshire which will go to a deserving veteran in the coming weeks and months.

Sources: WCVB, Enterprise News, CBS Boston / Photo Credit: WCVB

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