This Deranged Babysitter Mistook A Five-Year-Old Girl As Gollum From Lord Of The Rings, Then What She Did Next Will Horrify You

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Every parent’s worst nightmare is that something bad might happen to their child especially when left in someone else’s care. This was the case for the parents of a 5-year-old girl named Nadya Shustova after their babysitter tried to kill the young child. The babysitter who goes by the name Galina Kobzeva claims that she thought the baby was Gollum from ‘The Lord of the Rings.’

The babysitter threw Nadya from the balcony after hurting her

The 69-old woman was reportedly babysitting her neighbor’s child. Since the incident, she has reportedly been sentenced to 7 years in prison for attempting to kill Nadya, something she almost succeeded in doing. Initially, the evil babysitter tried to kill the child with a knife and hammer before throwing her from the apartment’s third-floor balcony. The incident took place in Samara, Russia and the authorities say it was a miracle that the baby managed to survive.

The babysitter will also pay £8,350 ($10,900) in moral damages to Nadya’s family as part of her punishment. The child recounted trying to call for help while the babysitter-turned attacker was beating and stabbing her, but no one came to her aid. Fortunately, someone passing near their neighborhood eventually saw Nadya being tossed out the window and went over to her to help.

Kobzeva was intoxicated during the incident

The 69-year-old babysitter told the judge during a court hearing that she was drinking beer on the day of the incident while also under the influence of some medication. She told the judge that she thought Nadya had a demon inside her. Kobzeva explained that she went to check on the 5-year-old who was at the time watching TV when she suddenly saw Nadya turn into Gollum while appearing to laugh loudly. She reportedly left the room, had some more beer and came back to find the same disturbance she had seen earlier.

The deranged babysitter also claims that she did not remember anything after the incident and only woke up to find herself in jail the next day. Nadya spent four months in the hospital, recovering from wounds which included a concussion as well as cuts and bruises on her head. Her fall from the third-floor balcony also resulted in a fractured hip and spine. Oddly enough, Nadya’s mother Oksana Baleyko reported that Kobzeva had always been good to Nadya and that she had trusted her because the babysitter and child had already established a rapport.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Google

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