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This Couple Came To The Dog Shelter To Give A Disabled Dog A Wheelchair. What Happened Next Will Warm Your Heart.


John and Noel Lizotte went to the Pickaway County Dog Shelter to help Rex the dog walk again using a wheelchair. Little did they know that they would end up taking Rex home with them. John and Noel are the founders of a non-profit charity known as Rescued Rollers that helps dogs like Rex walk using wheelchairs.

Rex had hurt a L7 vertebrae

Rex found himself in the shelter after a couple reportedly found him in a field around Elsea’s Mobile Village in Circleville. Sherri Rarey, the Pickaway County Chief Dog Warden, recounted that they were contacted about Rex and took him to the North Court Animal Clinic for examination. Rarey said the dog had injured a L7 vertebrae which might have resulted from an old injury. The warden also added that since the dog was approximately ten years old, it was not possible to carry out surgery.

The warden found Rescued Rollers through Facebook and gave them a call while the dog was in the shelter. Soon after, John and Noel came to the Pickaway County Shelter to help the dog by fitting it with a wheelchair. Rex immediately warmed up to John after a few treats, establishing a friendship with him once realizing John was there to help him.

Rex receives new wheels

After John finished fixing Rex with new wheels, they both went for a walk. John was impressed with how well Rex adapted to the wheelchair after he observed the dog taking off for a run. The Rescued Rollers’ founder could immediately tell that Rex was happy to receive the wheels.

Noel stated that their purpose for coming to the shelter was to fit Rex with a wheelchair to ready him for adoption and that they had no original intention to adopt him. However, John said that Rex was a special case, as there was some notable chemistry that made him think about bringing Rex home.

In a year, Rescued Rollers assist nearly 30 to 50 dogs by helping rescuers and shelters fit dogs with wheelchairs for free. It’s a way of helping the dogs get adopted. John and Noel take used wheelchairs and repair them by fixing missing parts and making them useable. The wheelchairs are donated for a lifetime, but once they are done being used, they are returned to give other dogs a chance.

Sources: Circleville Herald / Photo Credit: Google

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