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This 20-Year-Old Boarded A High School Bus After A Long Night Of Drinking. What He Did Next Has Landed Him In Court.


Here we recount the bizarre moment when a drunk-20-year-old man from Abington, Pennsylvania boarded a high school bus, rode with other students and entered into Wissahickon High School.

The fact that the bus driver did not detect Mr. Dominic Herder as he boarded the bus, let alone find his way into the school compound, continues to raise serious questions.

It all started when Mr. Herder was walking home after a long night of partying and boozing in the Springhouse neighborhood. A police report indicates that while walking home, the culprit spotted the school bus and decided to board, on the belief that the bus' final destination would be close to his home.

Little did he know the next stop would be inside Wissahickon High School. While the Students did notice something unusual about their ‘fellow’ student, they only raised the alarm once inside the school compound.

When approached, the drunk culprit ran away prompting someone to trigger the school alarm. Herder was later arrested and charged.

Herder has since apologized for his actions after making an appearance before a judge and reiterated he did not intend to scare or hurt anyone.

“I apologize. I was being stupid and not thinking. I do apologize to everybody and their family and their parents for scaring everybody," Herder said. "There's no harm meant."

Herder is out on a $5,000 bail and has been ordered to attend treatment sessions to address his drinking problem.

The school administration has since come out to defend itself, especially on how Mr. Herder found his way into the school while not being a student.

A statement from the school indicates that it was not possible to differentiate Mr. Herder from other students. Given that he is 20-years old, dressed and looked like a high school student, no one could notice something amiss.

According to the school, the driver of the bus might have missed Mr. Herder boarding the bus because he was watching oncoming traffic as the students boarded.

Going forward, the school is considering a review of solutions that would curb random bus entry. The school is considering introducing a bus pass system or a picture ID/swipe functionality. The school is also looking at the possibility of introducing a building entry pass.

Sources: ABC13 / Photo Credit: ABC13, Google

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