Theme Park Tourists Started To Scream When They Saw This Brown Bear's Bizarre Movement (Video)

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A busload of tourists were shocked when a bear shuffled only inches past while walking on two hind legs. According to footage filmed by one of the tourists, there was screaming and shouting when the animal breezed by, seemingly unbothered.

Mixed reactions from the public

Interestingly, social media is abuzz with messages of concern for the brown bear. A good majority of the viewers of the video condemned the incident terming it a result of torture to the animals. The incident happened at a theme park in South Korea which is usually frequented by people from across the region.

While it was supposed to appear like a circus performance, many people think the stunt merely is evidence that the bear has been abused for years. Users of social media in the country are castigating the animal welfare status of the theme park.

According to their reactions, one user wrote on Twitter saying “That is one of the most deeply terrifying things I could ever imagine coming out of the darkness.” Another one expressed the horror of seeing animals being “show cased like circus performances.”

However, there are others that celebrated the performance of the animal and termed it brazen. Interestingly, another one was simply amused and wondered whether bears walk like that or if it is merely a human wearing a costume.

Everland Resort is seemingly notorious when it comes to the stunts

While this might come as a shock to many people, it is not the first time bears are performing such a feat in the country. In 2016, another tourist captured a pair of bears balancing on their hind legs while they caught food thrown at them by tourists.

The incident happened in South Korea at the Everland theme park. In the video, one bear could be seen standing on two feet while another one approaches it and leans over as a friend would do. This second bear was also standing on its hind legs. The tourists found it hilarious and went on a rampage to get a dream clip of the spectacle.

Nevertheless, some people seem deeply troubled by these stunts and are making their voices heard via social media. This is not the first time Everland Resort is receiving a rebuke from the public for their daring stunts with animals. Last Christmas, the Resort dressed a handful of penguins in costumes as they performed stunts for kids.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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