Texas Woman Says Shirts For Sale On Amazon Should Be Removed For 'Hate Speech'

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Ceteka Perry wants Amazon to remove the “Blue Lives Matter” T-Shirts that are for sale on the site.

Perry, whose son is an officer in Utah, said: “All of it is just very offensive.”

She stated that she had called Amazon to complain about the shirts.


“I know they're very much Black Lives Matter and that's fine. They can have that be their agenda but to say that blue lives matter, to me that's hate speech,” she said.

The San Antonio Police Officers Association agreed with Perry’s statement, writing on Twitter: “Selling incendiary shirts like these is not only an insult to police officers, but a form of hate speech that foments violence against them.”


However, a Black Lives Matter organizer in Houston stated that the words were true, and not offensive.

Ashton P. Woods said: “Blue lives matter is not hate speech. It is, in fact, telling the truth.” He stated that the phrase “Blue Lives Matter” was not new and that its use couldn’t be held back.

“When I hear about people being fragile — white fragility — being upset about a shirt that says ‘blue lives matter,’ is it, in fact, a lie? Because we have seen how black people and brown people and other people of color have been treated by the police like our lives do not matter,” he said.


Perry stated that after she called Amazon, some of the products were no longer listed, but others have since popped up.

Amazon did not respond to requests for comment.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: KPRC 2 Click2Houston

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