Teens Try To Make ‘Sexy’ Video, Mom Walks In And Teaches Them Lesson They’ll Never Forget

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Teenagers are at the point in their lives when they try to prove that they’re independent. While they’re certainly not yet adults, they like to think that they’re capable of making their own decisions and doing what they want. That’s why the teens in this video thought it would be “cool” to share a video of themselves doing sexy dance moves, but when mom walks in on them during filming, they learn that she had a lot of wrath stored up for just such a moment.

The video below has a lot of people laughing. However, it goes to show you that when parents wield an iron fist over their children, it can have an opposite effect.

Watch the clip to see what everyone is talking about. You’ll first see the video in which two young women appear. These are the teenagers who are trying to defy their mother and branch out to prove their independence. They are standing in the bedroom with the web camera facing them. As the music starts to play, they stand back and lean forward so they can start shaking their backsides. The girls then continue to “twerk” on camera, which is a trendy dance move that young girls like them should not be performing – or so their mother believes.

When the mother comes in with the girls’ laundry, she quickly realizes that this is a “teachable moment.” The mother removes her shoe and then starts beating the children with it. Because the girls are caught unawares, mom lands a few direct hits on their backsides, trying to teach them that they should not be showing their bodies off like that.

The video has quickly started to go viral. Many people are sharing their own thoughts and reactions to the clip.

When it comes to disciplining teenagers, experts are divided on what works. Experts agree that removing electronics from teenagers is one of the most effective ways to discipline them. If this mother took away the teenage girls’ access by taking possession of the offending laptop computer and their smartphones, they would quickly learn that they should not be shaking their booties on camera as they had.

The mother could also limit their time with friends. Whether the girls are sisters or just friends is a fact that is not known. If they are friends, she could make sure their time together gets limited. That would teach them that their actions have consequences.

Mom could also tighten the rules. Now that she knows that her teenage girls are shaking their booties for the camera, she knows that they might have too much independence – or that they are trying hard to get noticed by boys and strange men online – whoever compelled them to twerk for the camera. She needs to make sure they understand that they’re still under her roof before they do something that gets them hurt.

Watch the footage for yourself. What do you think about the mom’s reaction to the teenagers’ twerking for the camera and the internet at large?

Sources: Small Joys / Photo Credit: Post Image

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