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Teenagers Shoveling Snow To Help Out Had No Clue Who Was Right Inside One Of The Homes


Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that suggest more and more people all across the country are experiencing random acts of kindness from people even amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A group of Colorado teens got the shock of their lives when they discovered who was inside one of the homes where they were shoveling snow for in their neighborhood.

Coby Entihar was shoveling snow with friends Rebecca and Marcello and his brother, Jerry, when they decided to approach one more home to see if the homeowner wanted their business.

"My brother told me go up to the door. I knocked on the door and I heard somebody yelling," Coby told KUSA. "I felt kind of in a worthless situation. Like I was worthless because I couldn't get into his house to help him."


Rebecca said the sight in front of them was "shocking."

The man, Coby said, fell a few days earlier and had been on the ground in pain ever since.

"It was scary," Jerry told the station. "It's something you don't expect." The kids were unable to help the man because his home was locked, but paramedics quickly arrived after Rebecca called 911.

"You could clearly see he was in pain," LaSalle Fire Department representative Zach Hill said. "This gentleman had been there for, we're not sure how long, and we don't know how long he would've been there had they not knocked on the door so they had a huge part in getting him help."

Though the man's condition is unknown, the story went viral, with many praising the teens for their quick thinking, brave actions and selfless efforts to help a man in need.

"They saved this man's life. No telling how long he would have laid there had it not been for these young men. They're gd samaritan's and should be honored," one reader commented on our Facebook page.


"You kids should be very proud of what you did you were true heroes. This could have turned out very bad!! Awesome job," another added.

"I love these people. Good for you. The world needs more people like you," another reader wrote.

Sources: KUSA

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