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Teen Sends 'Strong Message' To Body Shamers Who Say She 'Shouldn't' Wear A Bikini


Sarah Petty became tired of seeing people tell plus size women what to and not to wear. She had come across a number of comments, including:

"Bikinis just aren't for you!"

"Crop tops are for ripped women only!"

"Got a butt? Then booty shorts have got to go!"

Petty, who has over 14,000 followers on Twitter, found her own unique way to fight against the trolls. She looked up terms like "200 pounds leggings" and "200 pounds bikini" on Twitter. She then created a collage of the tweets she found and posted them together with pictures of herself wearing a bikini and a big smile. She captioned the post: “Girls: Wear whatever the hell you want.”


She told Mic: "It was kind of scary because I knew I could possibly subject myself to a lot more body shaming and hate, but I knew there had to be some empowerment in being vulnerable and proving to myself that no one else's opinion of my weight matters. There is such a stigma around 200 pounds, unfortunately, as if it is some magic number that dictates when a woman can or can't be attractive."

Petty received an immense amount of support from girls like her, as well as over 46,000 retweets and 55,000 faves.


She added: "I've gotten my fair share of body-shamers and haters and the occasional crude sexual comment, but the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. Girls have said I inspired them to wear what outfits they would have been scared to wear or that they felt more confident in their bodies after seeing the tweet."

She maintained that while the post helped others, she also helped herself: "The post helped me become a little bit more OK with seeing that number on the scale, and I hoped that it would help other girls, too. I hope that my post moved us just one step closer to being a society where girls can wear what they please without being afraid of ridicule."

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Sara of House Lash

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