Teen Kicked Out Of Senior Prom Over Her 'Inappropriate' Dress

Photo Credit: WAPT

Photo Credit: WAPT

Yazoo City High School’s senior prom was in full swing, but Malika Sneed did not get to partake in the fun. The senior was kicked out for wearing a dress that was in violation of the code set by the school.

Malika’s mother was particularly angered by the school’s course of action, claiming that it was a night her daughter would never get back.

Malika expressed her disappointment, stating, "It was just so much money we spent on my dress. My hair and my makeup and everything." Throughout the year, Malika had been excited for this one night.

Photo Credit: WAPT

Photo Credit: WAPT

Her mother, Savera Foster, said, "You think about when you go to school and you look on the wall like yeah, we are gonna rock for prom. She didn't get a chance to do that."

When Malika showed up at the venue, the reception was not what she was expecting. She described the dress; "It was a two-piece. Like, you see a little hole on this side, straps going to the back and my back was out. I was told that my dress was inappropriate."

A teacher present at the prom quickly asked her to leave.

Photo Credit: WAPT

Photo Credit: WAPT

Foster did not agree with the school’s decision that her daughter’s dress was inappropriate. “This is her senior prom and I thought she was very beautiful," she said, "And just like all the other young ladies. I didn't want to see anyone go home.”

Malika was heartbroken by the move. "I cried tears because I felt like that's my last year. That's when my class finally came together so we could have fun," she said.

The school principal declined to be interviewed, but stated that students were given the dress code guidelines to read and sign. This was a requirement before attending prom.

Malika stated, "I signed it. (But) I can never get that dance, that fun that laugh again. No, it's over with."

Sources: Yahoo

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