Teen Denied Entry To School Dance Over 'Inappropriate' Outfit

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Micaela Duran, a high school senior from Weber High, says she felt utterly “humiliated” and “shamed” after being denied access to the high school dance because of her dress.

Duran admits that she knew of the dress code and that it had been stated early on weeks before the event, but was left confused after she showed her dress to the administrators twice before the dance and had received no comment nor any reply regarding the low-cut dress. She had carefully selected the dress for her final high school dance, and she believes the dress she selected had made her feel “beautiful.”


“While my dress was low-cut, I saw the other girls that had just as low-cut dresses as I did,” Micaela said.

As she was a candidate for the cotillion representing the senior’s, she had worn the dress for official school photos weeks before the event, and even wore it on stage for the assembly that she and her classmates had attended before the dance, which was allowed by the teachers and school administrators prior before the incident.


“The administration had seen my dress twice at least two weeks prior to the dance, but once I finally got to the dance, the fact I would be unable to go was completely bewildering to me just because I had never been told beforehand this dress was in any way inappropriate,” Micaela said, which made her feel “humiliated’ and thus, made her go home instead of attending her final school dance.

“Of course I was upset; I was denied this opportunity, and no matter what the administration does there's nothing they could do to give that back to me,” Micaela states.


Micaela hopes the incident does not happen to anyone else at Weber High on the next succeeding years to come. 

Sources: Fox 13 / Photo Credit: Fox 13

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