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Teen Charged As Adult For Attacking Boy (Video)

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A teen was charged as an adult for attacking another boy while wearing brass knuckles (video below).

A video of the incident showed 16-year-old Kane Millsaps walking up to a young boy on a skateboard in Conway, Arkansas, and punching him in the face. The boy falls to the ground with his hands covering his face.

According to a police statement, Millsaps hit the boy on May 31 for “running his mouth” Daily Star reported. The 12-year-old victim had a bruised right eye, broken teeth and a cut on his neck. 

WARNING: Violent video.

The younger boy lost consciousness and “when he woke up he thought he had gravel in his mouth but it was pieces of his teeth.”

“The video is disturbing,” Millsaps’ attorney, Frank Shaw, told KARK. “It caused me, like everyone else that saw it, a good bit of discomfort." 

Millsaps was charged as an adult for the crime, and faces 20 years in prison. 

“If he gets the maximum sentence, which I hope he doesn't, he'll get out when he is 36 years old ... then what?” Shaw said. The teen has mental health issues, his mother told KARK. 

“It's my opinion that this is an untreated 16 year old who needs help,” Shaw said. 

Shaw filed a motion asking the court to provide a mental evaluation for the Arkansas teen, saying that he has a “reasonable suspicion” that Millsap is “not fit to proceed forward with criminal proceedings."

“The bigger question is why we as Arkansans don't address mental health issues,” he added.

When asked about Shaw’s request for a mental evaluation, prosecutor Cody Hiland issued a statement saying that he would “get every opportunity to make his case to a Faulkner County jury.”

“We'll reserve our perspective on the issue until that time,” the statement read. 

Sources: Daily Star, KARK / Photo credit: Daily Star

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