Teacher Allegedly 'Evacuates' Classroom Because Of One Student's Hat

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Photo Credit: Frank Sharp

Photo Credit: Frank Sharp

A video posted on YouTube seemed to imply that a high-school teacher evacuated an entire class because of a student wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

The video was original posted by The Daily Caller in one of their articles. The teacher and the student can be heard arguing in the recording made by one of the students who was present in the classroom.

A voice, allegedly the teacher’s, can be heard saying: “You’re putting me in a position where I’m either going to gather everybody up and go to another classroom and you can remain here like an a******, or you can take your hat off, or you can go talk to an AP about it. Now, what do you want to do?”

“I can’t sit here and learn?” responds a second voice, which was reportedly the voice of the student wearing the MAGA hat.

“Not with that hat on,” was the ensuing response.

The student’s voice is then heard: “Don’t we have a freedom to expression and a freedom to education?”

The teacher responds, “I don’t care,” and then asks the student to make a choice.

The student then states that he wants to “sit here and learn.”

The teacher then responds that the rest of the class was “going to go elsewhere then.” The rest of the students can then be seen gathering their personal items and leaving the classroom.

While the teacher could be heard several times stating that hats were not allowed in class, one student could be heard stating that the MAGA hat was “racist.”

It is unclear whether the teacher had a problem with the hat in general, or the MAGA hat. In any case, many wondered whether that warranted the evacuation of an entire class.

Sources: Daily Caller

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