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Survivor Of Fire That Burned 70% Of Her Face Fufills Dream By Competing At Mrs. Colorado Pageant (Video)


Danette Haag became a massive inspiration to young women when she beat the odds and entered the Mrs. Colorado Pageant. However, it is her life story and the hardships that she went through in the past that make her story so compelling.

A tough and long journey but a victorious one

48-year-old Haag fell victim to a fire incident that burnt 70% of her face and body when she was just ten years old. The fire has left her scarred for life, however, she has not let it define her. Thirty-eight years after the terrible experience, Haag has a whole new narrative of victory as a wife, mother, motivational speaker, and her latest achievement, a competitor in the Mrs. Colorado Pageant.

“I used to think that I had to be flawless to be beautiful. We are all flawed. We are all devalued. We are all imperfect,” she told women and teenagers at an event where she was a motivational speaker.

Danette competed against 35 other pageant contestants at the Denver Center of Performing Arts. Although Haag did not take home the crown, it was a glorious moment in her life because she achieved one of her biggest dreams which she had cultivated since she was a little girl.

Overcoming the odds and helping others

Haag was also fortunate to have her family’s immense support during the competition. Her sister, DeAnn Cheney, revealed that Haag used to feel crushed when she would watch the Miss America Pageant. The 48-year-old has been through a lot of surgeries, as well as a lot of pain that not only left her with physical scars but also emotional scars. One of her biggest goals is to inspire others to look beyond physical beauty so that they can see beauty the way she sees her beauty.

Danette uses her life experience to encourage other people when delivering motivational speeches. She encourages people to find their inner strength and embrace their flaws. The 48-year-old also urges people to embrace inner beauty. She also hopes to use her life experience to inspire others to pursue their dreams and become better versions of themselves. Haag believes that achieving this goal is one of the best things that she can do in her life as she takes pride in the ability to change other people's lives positively.

Sources: CBS Denver, The Epoch Times / Photo Credit: CBS Denver

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