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These Refreshing Cucumber Subs Will Make The Cucumber Lovers Go Crazy

If you always thought sandwiches only need to be made with bread in order to enjoy them or for them to be delicious, then you definitely have no idea what a Cucumber sub is, and you have never tasted one too. They are refreshing, they are easy to make, and you can easily add and customize them with any toppings of your choice.

There are Cucumber subs may be eaten as lunch, or cut into tiny pieces as an appetizer. So just try to make them with all the flavors ( Chicken, Turkey, Tuna, Bacon) to see the flavor you love most! Also, these Cucumber subs are just perfect for you if you are someone on a low carbs diet.

Have you ever tried or imagined a bread-less sandwich before? If not here are the full ingredients and the directions to make these sandwich below;

• Ingredients

 1 large Cucumber

Cream cheese

Ham deli meat slices

• Directions

Cut the Cucumber into two half-length.

Pack out the Cucumber seeds and make room for the sandwich fillers you will use.

Then add the ham or any other meat you have selected as your choice, and add it together with the cheese at the center of the Cucumber.

Join the two halves together and enjoy your Cucumber sandwich!

If you know anyone that is on a low carb diet, kindly share Themis recipe with them and see how happy you they will be, because you just made another great addition to the list of foods they can eat. 

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