Strip Club's 'Inappropriate' Billboard Sparks Controversy Among Local Residents

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A new billboard sign that popped up recently on Interstate 22 south has raised a few eyebrows. It was an ad for the local strip club called Black Diamonds that is quite hard not to notice. The new sign on I-220 in Jackson, Mississippi, appears to depict a woman who is wearing little to no clothes and is almost naked and who is also lying on her stomach.

For some, the problem with the sign is that it's in plain sight of many businesses on Northside Drive. The most notable and important would be that one of these establishments is a Christian school for children. It also included a preschool.


The school director of the Christian school, Catherine Aldridge, stated, "That's something that children should not see. Actually, it's something that adults should not see. It should not be a public display."

Other business owners who were also nearby the scandalous billboard did not appreciate the new billboard one bit.

Jimmie Sandifer, one of the business owners near the said billboard, said, "I don't think it would be in somebody else's neighborhood across town, you know? I don't think they would have a sign like that in Madison."


The strip club called Black Diamonds has not responded to any request for comment. The controversial billboard sign replaced another billboard that also advertised a strip club called Danny's.


As reported by WAPT, a similar story also shows where one business owner wanted someone to be accountable for an almost naked billboard in front of one of Danny's Strip Club. The news outlet stated that hanging above the club was a video that showed girls in scandalous outfits and in sexually explicit poses. Many business owners stated that it was too much and that it's the most provocative sign they've ever seen.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: 16 WAPT News Jackson

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