State’s Attorney Shot Dead In Front Of 5-Year-Old Daughter By Person She Trusted Most

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When a prosecutor from Illinois was with her small, five-year-old daughter, her ex-husband approached her with a gun in his hand and murder on his mind. As the couple’s daughter watched, the enraged ex-husband put the gun to 30-year-old Stacia Hollinshead’s forehead and pulled the trigger – fifteen times. Now, police have charged 31-year-old Ulisses W. Medina Espinosa with the death of his ex-wife, whom he allegedly killed in the kitchen of his parents’ home while their daughter watched.

The murder occurred in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin where the attorney and her ex-husband, an Army veteran, had just dropped off their five-year-old daughter for a visit with her grandparents.


The couple had gone through a two-year-long bitter divorce. The divorce had become extremely threatening for Hollinshead, so the courts had instituted an order of protection against Medina Espinosa because he was harassing his ex-wife.

Because of his erratic behavior, he lost visitation rights over his daughter. Nevertheless, Hollinshead agreed to let him see the girl every so often because she thought it would be good for them both. The visitation rights were reinstated earlier this month so long as Hollinshead supervised the visits.

But when things got heated at the father’s home, he took out his gun and shot Hollinshead in cold blood. She was pronounced dead inside his parents’ kitchen while their daughter watched.

Moments before her ex-husband shot her dead, she had been chatting with her boyfriend of more than a year before she left her ex-husband’s parents’ house for a drive back to Illinois.

“I just have so much bitterness and anger right now,” boyfriend Andrew Morris admitted in an interview with a newspaper. “I was at the happiest I’d ever been in my life, and that’s when I lose her.”

The murder of the young mom was a surprise for everyone. However, it has struck Morris and Hollinshead’s daughter most.

Morris said that Hollinshead was a picture-perfect mother who did everything possible for her daughter. The only reason she even allowed her murderous ex-husband near her was because she was thinking of her five-year-old daughter and trying to give her “continuity in life.” She also had a close relationship with her grandparents. But that may all change following the murder.

On Saturday, Medina Espinosa went with the police without incident, who arrested him.

Morris said, “From what I’ve gleaned, her daughter was in the living room when it happened.”

In other words, Medina Espinosa basically made his daughter watch as he killed her mother.

Hollinshead began the divorce process in 2016. That’s when she filed with divorce. Only a few months after the process started in May 2016, she sought an order of protection because the young mother did not feel safe around Medina Espinosa. He allegedly verbally and digitally harassed her, which made her request visits with the daughter be filmed whenever he was in the room.

In September, Medina Espinosa claimed his daughter was sexually abused. However, that was soon discovered to be a lie.

His visitation was later reinstated so long as he underwent counseling and allowed the mother to supervise the visits.

The mother’s death was the “worst possible outcome” of domestic violence, Dekalb County State’s Attorney Rick Amato said in a statement.

Sources: New York Post / Photo Credit: Post Image

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