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Speeding Car Runs Light And Rushes Towards Young Girl, Here’s How Dad Responds (Video)


In Los Angeles, California, millions of people go about their business every day. But during one otherwise ordinary day, a father noticed something that ended up saving his beloved daughter’s life. Video footage captured the moment that a father pushed his daughter out of the way of an out-of-control speeding car, getting struck by the vehicle himself instead of her – thankfully, he survived the traumatic experience.

Although many people are hailing this Los Angeles dad as a hero, he thinks that’s ridiculous. He didn’t jump in front of a speeding car for anyone, he did it for his own flesh and blood, and that’s why he thinks he’s not a hero. Many people still believe he should accept the fact that he is a hero.

“I’m not a hero,” the dad said. “I’m just a dad. I mean, at no point in time, you know, have I ever thought that you know I’m a hero. I just did what I was supposed to do,” he told reporters.

So who is this man and what happened?

For the sake of this story, we’re going to tell it like it is. The hero’s name is Michael Devore.

Because the dad saw the speeding car barreling along the road in Glassell Park, Los Angeles, he pushed his 11-year-old daughter Rien out of the way before it struck and killed her.

“I saw a car coming at a high rate of speed, and I realized within that instant there was no time to think of a plan of action,” DeVore said. “It was react now, or it’s going to happen.”

Because DeVore pushed his 11-year-old daughter out of the way, she was fine. He, however, was not. The speeding car struck him and launched him through the air onto the sidewalk.

“I kind of hoped I would get cleared, too, but I didn’t,” DeVore said. “I was propelled in the air, kind of like spun like a helicopter blade, maybe like a full turn or 3/4 turn.”

Because DeVore moved his daughter from the line of the vehicle before it hit her, she suffered only minor scratches. However, he was left with both legs broken because of the reckless driver.

“I was angry,” DeVore said. “I tried to get up with a broken femur, and it was broke in multiple places.”

Because the driver of the four-door red vehicle was a coward, they fled the scene although DeVore was thrown through the air and broken legs.

Investigators believe the car was a Toyota Camry and that the driver was a female between the age of 65 to 75 with gray hair.

“She was very small, her head barely reached above the dash, and honestly, I don’t even think she saw me,” DeVore said. “If family members know something happened, just come out. It’s the right thing to do.”

Because the woman hit him and ran, DeVore has received no financial support or insurance payout. He has been unable to work and is surviving on savings.

Hopefully, the Los Angeles police can apprehend the suspect and get DeVore the financial compensation he deserves.

Sources: WBALTV / Photo Credit: Post Image

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