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Sonic Employees Walk Off The Job, Put 'Devastating' Note On The Front Door

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After the corporate takeover of 10 local branches of Sonic drive-ins in Columbus, Ohio, the business is off to a rough start, as all employees of three of their hamburger chain restaurants had quit on the same day and caused a major stir in the local community - with their final parting comments to the outlet.

A huge controversial goodbye note could be seen across the window of the Sonic restaurant in Circleville, where the sign read: "Due to terrible management the whole store has quit," and a tiny handwritten note that adds: "Thank you, next," according to the local community.

The staff at the Circleville outlet, as well as Grove City and Lancaster also had quit, posting the outrageous note outside the Lancaster branch’s window.


The entity in question, Sonic, had confirmed the action by it’s employees, and that they all had walked out from the store from their respective branches one night on Friday, Feb. 22, however they blamed the whole fiasco on a major misunderstanding after the change of ownership had started off just last Monday, Feb. 25 from their operating affiliate SRI Holdings, a franchisee from the Sonic corporation.

It was allegedly stated that the workers had been led to believe that their hourly wages will be cut off to a stunning $4 an hour (including tips) - a drastic drop in wages from the $8.55 minimum to the non-tipped staff in Ohio. The minimum wage from the state is currently at $4.30 an hour.

The official spokesperson of the company had stated in an interview from CBS MoneyWatch : "Whatever hourly rate they were making last week, they are making this week," and that he blames a disgruntled manager for spreading the false rumors and accusations - one where he had lost his job from the same cause.

Sources: CBS News / Photo Credit: Matt Jarbo

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