Social Experiment Shows Strangers Step In When Bully Harasses Bagger With Down Syndrome

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The show “What Would You Do?” decided to put a couple on New Jersey shoppers to the test with a harrowing exercise.

In the grocery store, one irate customer is seen ridiculing a store employee with Down syndrome. The customer constantly berates the worker, mocking him for moving too slowly. Unbeknownst to the other customers, the two men are paid actors.

The show was aimed at establishing which shoppers would come to the worker’s aid. The camera’s recorded the entire scenario, and it was clear that people could not stomach a disadvantaged man being subjected to the intense abuse.

Almost all the shoppers quickly rallied around the worker, and one woman could be heard saying: “I’ve seen people victimized and picked on. There are always people who are going to bully other people, and when I see it, I have to speak out against it.”

Another woman threatened to call the cops to report the abuse.

Another customer said, “He’s just trying to make a living, trying to get out and do something.”

Another shopper offered to carry the man’s bags just to put an end to the harassment.

The scenario was then repeated, and this time it was a woman harassing the employee. The results were exactly the same. When the woman used the R-word, a substitute teacher responded: “That’s not the word we use anymore. I work as a teacher and I try to be sensitive to someone’s needs. We all need to do that.”

The teacher then talked the young man through the entire ordeal, even hugging him at the end of their conversation. This exercise proved that there was still so much good in the society.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: What Would You Do?

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