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"Smack Cam" Knockout Suspect Arrested in New York (Video)

As Opposing Views recently reported, police in Rochester, New York have been on the hunt for a teenager who randomly hit an elderly woman in the head as she was exiting a convenience store. The suspect’s friend caught it all on camera, and now, police say they have arrested 16-year-old Devin Alexander for the assault.

Alexander is reportedly already on probation for a robbery conviction, so the “smack cam” incident is a violation of his probation terms. Police are still investigating the incident, though, and say that both Alexander and the cameraman will likely face criminal charges.

The disturbing video (via Davy V) shows Alexander hit the elderly woman in the head as she exits a convenience store, and as the duo runs from the scene, the cameraman repeatedly yells, “Smack cam!” It’s not clear whether the attack was actually a part of the so-called “knockout game”, but reports say that it could be another example of that growing trend among teenagers.

Police say that Alexander turns 17 soon and could wind up being charged as an adult. Authorities have not yet said if they know the identity of the victim.

Sources: Smoking Gun, Rochester Homepage


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