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Ship Carrying Something Worth Millions Of Dollars Goes Up In Flames

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Ships carry all sorts of cargo across the oceans of the world from country to country. But off the coast of France, a bizarre sight unfolded that cost millions of dollars recently. The cargo ship, which was loaded with as many as 2,000 cars, including three dozen models of Porches, has sunk into the depths of the ocean last Tuesday after the Italian merchant vessel ran aground.

The incident unfolded about 150 miles off the coast of France in the Atlantic Ocean. The cargo ship, so-called Grande America, had been holding many vehicles as it traveled from Hamburg, Germany to Casablanca, Morocco. The line in charge of the cargo ship was the Italian company, Grimaldi Lines.


The ship eventually docked in Casablanca and then got clearance to sail across the Atlantic to Brazil. But as it sailed into the ocean, the ship sank 150 miles from Best, France, where the ocean is about 15,000 feet deep.

The ship had been carrying four 911 GT2 RS model Porches, which are worth as much as $293,000 each.


Because of the ship’s sinking, Porsche informed their eager Brazilian customers that they would restart production of the vehicles and send new models across the ocean so the South American customers can have their favorite car.

Although the vehicles on board the ship were lost, the crew of 27 were rescued as the Grande America caught fire and sank into the ocean. Thankfully, the Royal Navy was nearby to help save the lives of these crew members.


Besides the Porsche models, other European cars were aboard the Italian vessel including Audi models A3, A5, RS4, RS5, and Q7.

The vessel ran aground on March 12 at a depth of 15,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. Those luxury vehicles are now at the bottom of the sea.


Porsche was upset that they lost their specific models on the ship. Because production for these cars ended in February, they plan to reopen the factories and make them again for their Brazilian customers.

Porsche is based out of Stuttgart and wrote a letter to their eager Brazilian customers to make it clear that they would recover from this disaster and replace the cars that were lost.


“We are sorry to inform you that, due to a fire, a Grimaldi group ship, that was transporting your vehicle, sank on March 12, 2019. And for that reason, your GT2 RS cannot be delivered. As you may know, Porsche ended the 911 GT2 R4S production in February 2019 and under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be possible to give you another car,” the German car company wrote. “But, due to the nature of the situation, and considering that you’re a loyal and highly valuable customer for our brand, Porsche has decided to resume the GT2 RS production in Germany, and your vehicle will be produced in April, with delivery scheduled for June. We recommend that you contact your local Porsche Center for further information.”


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Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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