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Shameless Squatter Thinks Owner Won’t Be Able To Do Anything, Gets Rude Awakening


Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that suggest more and more people are illegally squatting in homes across the country amid a national affordable housing crisis. 

A person was happily living inside of a house. However, after the police were shown the deed to the property, it was quite clear that the person was nothing more than a squatter who was illegally occupying the property. As soon as police learned this fact, they sided with the property owner, arrested the shameless squatter, effectively evicting them from the only place they knew as home.

The incident could not have come to a head unless the property owner had made a strange request of a local reporter. The man’s name was Charlie LeDuff, and the homeowner wanted him to interview the squatter, to learn more about their motives, and intentions – and to catch them at a disadvantage.


LeDuff accepted the keys to the house from the true owner and set out to confront the shameless squatter. The person was living in Sarah Hamilton-Gilmer’s property although they were not paying for anything. They did refuse to leave.

LeDuff took a unique approach. He showed up at the home wearing a bathrobe and asked the squatter if he could join them. LeDuff had the keys to the property and the deed with him. The squatter, Lynn Arthur Williams, Jr., confronted LeDuff immediately. She didn’t like how he was coming over demanding access to the property that she was illegally occupying.

Williams had been on probation at the time of the incident after she was arrested for a felony assault with a deadly weapon. That’s why LeDuff came to the property with a battalion of police officers to back him up. Williams scared him, as she did the property’s true owner.

When LeDuff showed Williams the deed, she seemed interested in letting him into the home. That was until LeDuff said, “Let me into my house.”


To this, the squatter said: “Let you in your house? This is Lynn William’s house.”

Lynn claimed to have “put a lot of work” into the property on behalf of the real owner and therefore was taking ownership over of the property. She also “spent a lot of money” renovating the house and therefore feels that it belongs to her. Lynn Williams also uses the fact that there are other squatters in the neighbor, so she is not alone in the illegal activity. LeDuff also points out how Williams has been stealing electricity from a neighbor’s home.

When asked about that, she said, “I am blessed.”

Police then arrive and see that Williams has been stealing electricity through illegal wiring. In a matter of moments, LeDuff’s investigation turns into the arrest of Williams and her sudden eviction from the property.


The YouTube video below shares all the details of this bizarre situation.

Although LeDuff’s investigative methods are blunt and unrefined, they got the job done. Now the true homeowner will be able to reclaim her rightful property and move back in or find another tenant to occupy it, hopefully, one who pays rent and does not try to claim the property as her own.

What do you think about this bizarre investigation into the squatter?

Sources: Truth Revolt 

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