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Scott Peterson Reveals All 15 Years Later

On the outside, this particular couple was picture perfect. One could say they had it all. This California duo who seemed to be in marital bliss lived in a beautiful home in the suburbs, had a dog and a baby on the way. So it was very unexpected when Laci, the wife vanished while walking the dog on 24th December 2002. She was only 27. Fast forward to a few months later when the waves washed her mutilated body to the San Francisco Bay. This definitely sparked a murder investigation by the authorities as everyone was rooting for her killer’s capture.

Laci was known to have no enemies, and her death was really difficult on her family, friends and even the rest of America who couldn’t understand why anyone would want her dead in such a manner. Nevertheless, the detectives began to look suspiciously at her husband, Scott, whose alibi was inconsistent along with his weird behavior, his disinterest towards the investigation and his refusal to undergo a polygraph test. There was later substantial evidence to prove that Scott who was only a fertilizer salesman, without a doubt killed his wife. He fled town but was arrested in 2003 and charged with 1st-degree murder of his wife, and 2nd-degree murder of his unborn child, Connor. The Court sentenced him to death by lethal injection in 2005.

What went wrong?

So what drove this supposed loving husband into taking the life of both his child and his wife? Well, it turns out Scott must have been triggered by his extramarital affair with another woman. He had called his mistress (who had no idea he was married) during the vigil held for Laci on New Year’s eve and had told her he was celebrating the holiday in Europe. When his mistress was brought in for questioning, she offered to cooperate with the officials adding that she hadn’t known anything about his missing wife.

15 Years on, Scott is a death row inmate in San Quentin and has requested for a new trial and 2 appeals, all denied. Recently he has made some public statements in the docuseries of his late wife and another documentary on Discovery where he still pleads his innocence. After 10 years, he made a public statement about the murder when he was on a call with his sister-in-law. ‘I was not the last one to see Laci that day.’ Adding that so many witnesses had seen her walking in the neighborhood after he had left and that the police had failed to find his family.

Scott went on to say that he wasn’t expecting such a verdict and couldn’t feel his feet when it was read. However, Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery (which is a 2-hour documentary on Discovery Channel) had premiered. This documentary revisits all the evidence against Scott that has emerged over the years. This show only contradicts his claims of innocence, thus making the story deeper.

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