School Says Boy Needs Doctor’s Note After 'Too Many Absences', Dad Responds With Scathing Letter

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Jack Cody Brown, a tattoo artist, chose to keep his son’s classmates safe by having the boy stay home when he got a stomach bug. However, Aiden’s school’s response was a far cry from what Brown expected.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Brown lamented about how Aiden’s school bus began arriving earlier than usual without any prior communication, leading Aiden to miss class on four occasions. Then, as he was taking care of Aiden after he’d contracted the stomach bug, he chose to keep him home, earning Aiden a fifth unexcused absence.

Brown posted on his Facebook page: “So, Aiden’s school decided to send a note home saying ‘He has to have a doctor’s note, because he’s missed this many days, a parent note is not acceptable.’ His bus driver randomly decides to come 20 minutes early on a relatively regular basis…He has 5 unexcused absences, and 4 are because of that.”

When the school insisted that he produce a doctor’s note or Aiden would be penalized for his fifth absence, a fed up and frustrated Brown decided to respond with a note of his own.

Brown’s letter to the school’s administration read: “To whom it may concern. My son was running a fever and feeling sick, so I kept him home from school. I know he has a 24-hour bug, because I myself had it 2 days ago. I recently received a letter saying he needs a doctor’s note because of how many days he’s missed, even though 4 of those days were missed because the bus came ridiculously early. I am happy to oblige as soon as the school shows up with the $150 for the appointment and a ride to and from, so the dr. can say, ‘he has a 24-hour bug.’ Until that happens, this note from his father will suffice.”

At the end of the note, Brown showcased his artistic skills by adding a hand-drawn portrait of the Spongebob Squarepants satirical meme, with the caption “He needs a doctor’s note.”

“For any questions regarding the letter or the meme, feel free to call,” Brown concluded the note.

He admits that he was angry when he wrote the letter, which has since gone viral, but maintained that he hoped it would help the school see his side. Fortunately, the note was just the right touch to resolve the escalating issue.

“The bus has been consistent, his teacher has been sending him home with more challenging material, and we have gotten nothing but pleasantries and respect from his school since,” Brown stated.

To those who claimed that Brown’s reaction was too harsh, Brown stated: “I am the first to admit, I could’ve been more mature about it. But if I hadn’t made my snarky comments, and drawn a meme at the bottom, I really don’t think it would’ve gotten their attention like it did. You have to understand, I called and called, and sent note after note, before I got to the point where I had to send this. Even posting it online, I didn’t expect anything close to that many people to see it! I just wanted something that would get the attention of the people in charge.”

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