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School Apologizes For ‘Inappropriate’ Assignment On Slavery After Parent Complained


A fourth grade teacher in Columbia, South Carolina, sent out a social studies assignment, asking the student to write a journal entry describing their day to day life either as a slave owner or a slave.

Ursula Harris was made aware of the details of the assignment by her daughter, who is in the class that received that assignment packet. Harris was not pleased by the assignment.


She said, “I don’t want my daughter to put that in her mindset to think that her options is if she was a slave or if she was a slave owner because neither one of them is a good option.”

The school district stated that the assignment was part of a learning packet that was sent out after schools were closed because of the pandemic.


The superintendent maintained that the assignment had been overlooked because teachers were scrambling to send out assignment materials quickly.


He added that school officials were working to enhance review processes before next year because remote learning was still a possibility.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: WSAV

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