Satanists' House Of Horrors Exposed (Photos)


Disturbing video has been released by police showing the home of a set of suspected North Carolina Satanists who are currently awaiting trial for an alleged murder.

On October 5, Pazuzu Illah Algarad, 35, was arrested after two shallow graves were found containing human remains in the backyard of his home. Also arrested were his 24-year-old wife Amber Nicole Burch and a 28-year-old accomplice Krystal Nicole Matlock.

Chilling reports say that Algarad allegedly murdered and buried the remains of Joshua Frederick Wetzler and Tommy Dean Welch in 2009 after they were reported missing. On October 5 of this year, after police executed a search warrant at Algarad’s Satanist mother’s home where he and his wife lived, they discovered skeletal remains in two shallow graves in the backyard, and now, police believe they belong to Wetzler and Welch.

Investigators believe that Algarad killed Wetzler in July of 2009 and Burch helped him bury the body in the backyard. In turn, they also believe that Burch murdered Welch in October of that same year and that Algarad helped her with the burial.

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Video of Algarad’s home in North Carolina has since been released by police a month after his arrest, and it’s disturbing to see. Pentagrams are drawn on most of the walls throughout the home, graves are easily visible in the backyard garden, and animal feces are strewn all over the floors. Algarad’s mother Cynthia Lawson is reportedly a Satanist herself and changed his name to Pazuzu after the devil that possessed the main character in The Exorcist. Algarad is covered in tattoos and reportedly had his tongue spilt down the middle like a snake and grinded his own teeth down to make them sharper.

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This is not Algarad’s first arrest. In 2010, the Satanist was arrested for being an accessory to manslaughter, and those who know him say he’s been bragging about murdering people for years.

Now that the law has caught up to him, both he and Burch could face life in prison without the possibility of parole or even death if they are convicted of the murders.

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