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Salon Owner Ordered To Take Down 'Offensive' Sign In Her Yard After Neighbor Complained


Deana Drews, who runs a salon out of her home near 31st Avenue and Johnson Street Northeast in Minneapolis, decided to put up a number of signs to get customers to the right location.

When she started the business 13 years ago, she spent a great deal of time trying to get customers.

She said, “I dropped off a lot of flyers. Anybody I would meet, I’d say, ‘Oh hey, I do hair.’”

To help her clients find her business, she put up the “What The Hair Is Going On With Deana!?!?” signs on the side of busy main street and the back alley. However, her yard sign with the business name and house numbers has not been well received by some.


Last week, she received a visit from a city inspector who told her that a neighbor had complained about the sign, and had called it offensive.

“I take great pride in the house, and so it bothered me that someone was so upset about a silly sign, and I thought, ‘We were neighbors. Why wouldn’t you just come knock on my door?’” Drews said.

The City of Minneapolis provides a number of requirements regarding running businesses out of homes, including:

“Signage shall be restricted to one non-illuminated, flat wall, identification sign not to exceed one (1) square foot in area. On a corner zoning lot, two (2) such signs, one facing each street, shall be allowed.”


Drews stated that she had more than one sign, but most of them were on parts of the property that weren’t visible to many.

She said, “I am stretching the rules, I get it, but they’re on my property, so I feel like unless you’re on my property you can’t see any of these signs.”

She maintained that she was working with the city to find a solution, although she believes that the ordinance should be reconsidered.


She said, “I think a lot of people work from home now, and this is my livelihood and I don’t think that my signage is obnoxious. I just want to do my job. I just want to keep my business as it is.”

Drews, who had once before been fined for a flagpole on her tree, said that she was asked to take down her signs by Monday.

City officials stated that a citation had not been issued.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: WCCO-CBS Minnesota

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