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12 Restaurants That Will Offer You Free Food On Your Birthday

Who doesn’t love birthdays? It’s another reminder that you survived another great year and you are still alive. For a whole day, everyone showers you with love, care, calls, texts, and gifts from friends and families. The best part is, not only your friends and families get to give you gifts on this day, but your favorite restaurants will also you offer you a free treat on your birthday. That's awesome, right?

So here is a list of 12 restaurants that will give you free food and drink on your special day without you spending a dime.

1) Arby’s

When you sign up for Arby’s deal, you get a free sandwich on your birthday with the purchase of another. You even get a free beef ‘n’cheddar sandwich for just signing up!

2) Applebee’s

You qualify for a free dessert of your choice when you register for the chain’s E-club.

3) Denny’s

You don’t have to register before you get a free and delicious breakfast on your birthday. You only need to show them an ID card as proof.


You get to enjoy a free stack of pancakes at the International House Of Pancakes (IHOP) when you register with them before your birthday.

5) Baskin Robbins

Sign up as a member of Baskin Robbins club 31 and get a free scoop of ice cream, a taste of upcoming flavors, and coupons.

6) Waffles House

If you love waffles, then you can get it for free on your birthday at the Waffles House as long as you have joined their regular club.

7) Hooters

Enjoy 10 free chicken wings on your special day, and even up to 7 days after your birthday.

8) Krispy Kreme

Forget the cake you get to enjoy on your birthday, as you savor this free glazed doughnut for your birthday.

9) Star Bucks

Once you are a member of the popular coffee chains reward, you get a free drink of your choice on your birthday. You even get to choose between a food item and a drink if you are a gold member.

10) Pink Berry

It’s not bad if you decide to try different treats on your birthday, especially if you are celebrating your birthday during summer. To qualify for the free birthday offer, you have to have a pink berry loyalty card.

11) Noodles And Company

Just like other restaurants too, you have to become a member Of the Noodles & Company first, then you qualify for a coupon to get a free plate of noodles on your birthday.

12) Joe’s Crab Shack

Stop by at Joe’s Crab Shack on your birthday and get a free appetizer. Just don’t forget to join their e-club first.

Bonus: Cracker Barrel - Free dessert at most locations. 


Every year on your birthday, you can count on one of these restaurants to give you a free treat as a birthday gift. However, you have to join their e-club first before you qualify. So hurry and join now!

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