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Restaurant Turns Heads With Sign Reminding Customers To Wear Masks

A Richland restaurant decided to use humor to remind their customers to wear face masks.

The sign posted on the restaurant’s entry door reads: “If you come into the Sageport Grille without a mask we have to take your temperature! P.S. We only have a rectal thermometer.”

Sageport Grille Manager, Rochelle Taylor, told Action News that she ordered the sign after seeing it on social media in the hopes of making customers laugh and still keeping everyone safe.

“It’s been so stressful and sad so we’re just trying to find humor to get us to the next day, make people laugh and not be emotionally so sad we're just trying to make people laugh again,” she stated.

The sign was shared on the restaurant’s Facebook page where it got hundreds of likes.

The restaurant does not have any rectal thermometers, but Taylor still asks customers to respect the staff and the mandate.

"We just ask people to be kind, it's not fun you know I have to ask my staff to wear a mask in hundred degree heat for eight hours, it's mandatory," said Taylor.

Sageport Grille off of Columbia Park Trail in Richland is open seven days a week and allows dine-in customers as well as take-out.

Sources: America Now

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