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Restaurant Owner Faces Backlash From Customers Over 'Offensive' Political Sign


A tiny scrap of yellow paper with a handwritten sign had been hung outside a window on a cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii where it gained attention from various customers.

The cafe called Cafe 8 ½ had a bunch of other notes in the area, disguising the window note among many others - but this note in particular, had been different as it contained a handwritten warning instead of a warm greeting.


"If you voted for Trump, you can not eat here! No Nazis" the note says.

Since the note’s posting, various angry customers have given their opinion pertaining to the matter, where the cafe’s Yelp and Facebook pages had been swarmed with hate messages online. Some of the comments wrote the cafe owners being "beyond hateful” and "liberal Nazis" and some even suggested a complete boycott of the cafe.


One person from Yelp wrote: "So, Cafe [8 1/2] hates Trump supporters enough to say they are not welcomed. Well, I wouldn't patronize a liberal hypocrite establishment anyways. I'm sure you can kiss a [s***] load of business goodbye."

Some even referenced the business as a similar approach from the Jim Crow Era in America, (where the old businesses denied entry and service to the black patrons) and the LGBT incident in America that fined a bakery for denying to bake a cake for a same-sex couple.

Along with the exposure from the outrageous cafe sign, Yelp Support team now monitors the cafe’s reviews, which is something the company often does whenever businesses get viral media attention, and also protecting the establishment from various hate comments and emotionally-charged reviews.


Despite it all, some customers have supported the cafe even more because of its stand against Trump. "Tried out this cool place," someone wrote. "I hear it comes highly recommended amongst some circles."

Cafe 8 1⁄2's business owner statement on the matter said: “This is my place and if I don't want to serve a Trump person, I can do that," he says, and removed the viral note just last Wednesday. 

Sources: CNN / Photo Credit: Honolulu Civil Beat

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