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Restaurant Owner Claims New Store's 'Controversial' Sign Is 'Affecting Business'

A new store, New England for Trump, opened on Saturday, but its sign is already causing grief to another business.

The “New England for Trump” sign was placed underneath Cook & Dagger’s, with no space between the signs. This has caused a disconnect between the Rhode Island restaurant and some of its customers.

One of the restaurant’s owners explained on Facebook that some customers had called and stated that they would not return to the restaurant because of “a sign that we as Cook & Dagger have no affiliation with.”

The owner stated that Cook & Dagger remains neutral and is respectful of everyone’s right to free speech.

“We just want to keep whipping up delicious food and drink … that’s all we are trying to do here,” the post read.

Ed McMahon, the New England for Trump’s store opener and closer, stated that the sign’s placement was a decision made by the owner, and that it was silly that customers were directing their frustrations at the restaurant.

“I think it’s going to stay because that’s where the landlord wants the sign and he’s the boss,” McMahon said. “Ain’t nothing we can do about it … it’s a shame because he didn’t have any say in it, like we didn’t have any say in it.”

The owner of Cook & Dagger stated that the situation was “mentally draining, worrisome and uncertain,” especially since they are struggling to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo Credit: WPRI

Photo Credit: WPRI

“The past few months have been difficult, not just for us, but many small businesses,” the post read. “We are extremely grateful to have had enough support to remain open through the pandemic.”

Six New England for Trump stores have been opened in the region, but the Smithfield location is the first one to open in Rhode Island.

Sources: America Now

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