Restaurant Faces Backlash Over 'Offensive' Sign Promoting Chicken Sandwich

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Various student organizations and the Clemson Undergraduate Student Government gives negative feedback over a restaurant’s “offensive” sign and calling it “very distasteful.”

The restaurant in question, “Loose Change” had featured a sandwich called the “Tijuana Chicken Sandwich” with the captions: “Big enough to feed a caravan. Built high enough with smoked chicken, lettuce, tomato, pepperjack, bacon + guac. Bordered with a side of pub chips. So good, it should be illegal.” that likened to the actual migrant Caravan at the US Southern border.


According to the school’s official statement: “Clemson Undergraduate Student Government denounces the incident that occurred last week with the sign posted outside of Loose Change, a restaurant in downtown Clemson,” the statement by the CUSG read. “The sign was offensive and very distasteful. CUSG stands for the voices of all students, and it is concerning that Loose Change would block the social media accounts of several student organizations after they expressed concerns with the incident. This situation greatly disappoints us, as we will not stand for any voice to be censored.”

Another fraternity from Clemson, the Lambda Theta Phi also expressed their distaste from the sign, while taking a photo and posting it on Instagram. “As members of the Clemson community, and former patrons of your establishment, we are writing to express our disapproval of your tasteless appropriation of humanitarian crises for the sake of generating profits,” the fraternity stated. “The caravan consists of people who have fled their homes because many regions in Latin America are experiencing unprecedented levels of violent crime.”

The fraternity also strengthens their argument on the issue, and saying that the store’s marketing strategy was wrong.


The restaurant had issued and official apology after the incident in the interview from Independent Mail, but was deleted shortly afterwards and then proceeding to block multiple accounts after commenter’s voiced their opinion on the issue.

"We are truly sorry for [the] offensive sign yesterday," the post reportedly read. “My hope [is] that people may understand my staff and I are truly good and compassionate people. I made a bad decision...which I will have to live with. Thank you for your time, and we are truly sorry for the offensive sign."

Sources: Campus Reform / Photo Credit: Google, Instagram/clemsonlambdas

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