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Remorseless Dad Smirks In Handcuffs After Doing Something Awful To Baby Son


On Monday, New York City police officers arrived at an apartment in the Bronx with an arrest warrant. They finally had enough evidence in the death of a one-month-old baby to cuff someone. The person who they wanted to take back to the station was the baby’s father, 24-year-old Christian Rodriguez. The young man has since been slammed with charges including causing injury through the risk of death, assault on a person under 11-years-old, reckless assault on a child resulting in a brain injury, and assault on a person under 7-years-old.

When he was just a month old, Aiden, Rodriguez’s son, was rushed to a hospital in New York. Because someone called 911 to report that they found the baby injured at the Mill Brook Houses on East 137th Street, the paramedics rushed the infant to Lincoln Hospital nearby to get him the immediate help he needed.


Because the baby boy had a head injury, police looked into the case as “possible child abuse.” They began investigating the incident accordingly.

Meanwhile, the doctors at Lincoln Hospital fought valiantly to save the little boy, Aiden’s life. But there was nothing they could do. The injuries the little one suffered were so catastrophic, so damning that he had no way to pull through and survive. His small body was crushed in parts.

Before he died, medics rushed him to the more sophisticated Colombia Presbyterian Hospital, where doctors were unable to help him. Aiden was later pronounced dead.

Not long after the one-month-old baby was killed, the police investigation leads cops to Rodriguez, the boy’s father. They escorted him down to the 40th Precinct where detectives asked him all manners of questions.

Rodriguez’s story was convenient. He told detectives how he had “inadvertently struck the child’s head against the wall,” while he was taking the boy home.

Rodriguez has four kids at twenty-four and knows how to handle a baby. But he also has a violent past. He was previously convicted of felony assault on one of his other children, the police reported.

Because the evidence was piling up against him, police arrested Rodriguez and threw him in a cell in the 40th Precinct Station house. He spent time there waiting for whatever came next. When he gets to an actual prison, even while awaiting trial, he’ll have to spend time with tough guys who do not take kindly to child abusers or rapists.

It takes a small man to take out his rage on an infant in order to make himself seem big and strong. Because Aiden was still a newborn who could not move and could barely ask for what he needed through his cries, Rodriguez took out his impotent rage on the smallest, most delicate, thing in his life – which resulted in the death of the tiny baby. Little Aiden never even had a chance to stand up for himself. His father seems to have stolen that away from him.

What do you think about the charges filed against this remorseless dad? Should he spend a long time in jail if he’s convicted of the crimes?

Sources: AWM / Photo Credit: AWM

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