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Puma's 'Storm Adrenaline' Sneakers Spark Controversy

Photo Credit: Twitter/Senor Munoz

Photo Credit: Twitter/Senor Munoz

The Puma “Storm Adrenaline” trainer has sparked controversy after some compared the shoes to Hitler’s signature side hair parting and toothbrush moustache.

The comparisons, which originated in Russia, have now spread to the rest of the world.

Some also claimed that the shoe’s name, Storm Adrenaline, was evoking the Sturmabteilung – the Nazi’s paramilitary wing whose name translates to Storm Detachment.

Others stated that Rudolf Dassler, the founder of Puma, was part of the Nazi Party during WWII.

However, one person stated that they had never noticed the resemblance: "I never noticed. I used the shoe twice and never realized it until now. I have gotten rid of it. I’ve already sold it."

Another person gave the shoe an "8/10 on the Hitler scale."

Photo Credit: Twitter/Senor Munoz

Photo Credit: Twitter/Senor Munoz

However, others didn’t see the resemblance: "Adolf Hitler shoes? I did not see it directly. I think it's a bit far-fetched. Good I have Adidas, not Puma."

Rudolf Dassler was taken by US soldiers after WWII and accused of being an SS member. He believed that his brother, Adolf, founder of Adidas, was the one who turned him in.

The two brothers, despite their party affiliations, provided black US athlete Jesse Owens with shoes. Jesse humiliated Hitler when he won four gold medals during the 1936 "Nazi" Olympics.

Puma has yet to comment on the controversy surrounding its shoes.

Accusations of Hitler resemblances have not started recently. 

Photo Credit: Twitter/Grand578

Photo Credit: Twitter/Grand578

In 2011, a house located in Swansea, Wales, was accused of being a Hitler look-a-like. The slanting roof was said to resemble Hitler’s hairdo and the front door his moustache.

On numerous occasions, people have posted pictured of cats with an uncanny likeness to the dictator.

Sources: America Now

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