Professor 'Urged To Resign' Over Comments About Amy Coney Barrett's Adopted Children

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Boston University professor, Ibram X. Kendi, is being urged to resign after he stated that Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett was a racist “white colonizer” who adopted two Haitian black children and is using them as “props.”

Judge Barrett, a devout Catholic with five biological and two adopted, was slammed on Saturday by the College of Arts and Sciences tenured professor of history, who also serves as the director and founder of Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research.

“Some White colonizers ‘adopted’ Black children,” Kendi tweeted. “They ‘civilized’ these ‘savage’ children in the ‘superior’ ways of White people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial, while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity.”

Kendi, author of How to be an Antiracist, was responding to a tweet with a picture of Barrett’s sister, Carrie, holding children not adopted by the judge. 

He added: “And whether this is Barrett or not is not the point. It is a belief too many White people have: if they have or adopt a child of color, then they can’t be racist.”

“I’m challenging the idea that White parents of kids of color are inherently ‘not racist’ and the bots completely change what I’m saying to ‘White parents of kids of color are inherently racist.’ These live and fake bots are good at their propaganda. Let’s not argue with them.”

Many slammed him for suggesting that white parents who adopt black children do it to shield themselves from accusations of racism.

Chris Viegas tweeted: “You should be fired for your racism w your statements about the Christian Act of #JudgeAmyConeyBarrett adopting two Haitian children. May Boston University @AASAatBU reconsider your status!! You are not worthy!!”

Samuel Kunz wrote: “Ibram MUST Resign. Being a racist a**hole and injecting his hateful and racist ideas must not stand. #ResignNow #hatefulbigot.”

Another person wrote: “You are more racist than David Duke ever thought about being. You should resign over your disgusting anti-adoption comments. How can you possibly fairly teach white students when you despise them so much.”

Chloe Valdary wrote: “Are you suggesting that any white family who adopts black children are colonizers and that interracial adoption is somehow evil? Please clarify because if this is your position, it’s an evil one.”

Another person wrote: “Generalizations like this are both hurtful and wrong. How can we create a multiracial, tolerant and learning society with statements such as this.”

Another person commented: “You should show us where in our society some non-Racism has been achieved so at least we have something to move forward toward. Instead you give us racism as the fundamental element of all human interaction in our society while you enjoy success at the pinnacle of the status quo.”

Podcaster Katie Herzog wrote: “My first act as an anti-racist will be sending my black son back to the orphanage.” 

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, an adoptive parent of children of color, tweeted: “Adoption is one of the most beautiful things that exists in the world, and while - like everything, including biological families - it can foster abuse, casually insinuating that for adoptive parents is despicable.”

However, some supported Kendi’s statement that white adoptive parents could be racist.

“Hello I am one of those Black kids adopted by White people!” Rayme Cornell wrote. “MY PARENTS ARE RACIST!!! Try asking those of us who are living it!”

Emily Santiago wrote: “So many white people adopt BIack children and use them as props on social media. Look at the tragic case of Devonte Hart and his siblings. I have a biracial child but that doesn’t mean I’m not racist, it takes work everyday to counter white supremacy values.”

Sources: America Now

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