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Professor Calls Cops On 'Unruly' Student In Lecture, College Ends Up Suspending Her Instead


A white senior Biology lecturer, Anita Moss, was removed from the University of Texas-San Antonio (UTSA) after she called the cops on a disruptive black student named Paige Burgess, who repeatedly put her foot off the chairs and disrupting the class - a requirement outlined in Moss’s class.

Because Burgess’ remained to be ‘uncivil’ and refused to adhere to the rules of being a disciplined student, Moss felt the need to contact the campus’ security personnel, as advised by her fellow faculty member. However, Burgess was backed down by black activists and turned the issue into a racially discriminatory one in hopes to punish the professor.


But Burgess denies the allegations of the case being racist despite the case and says in an interview with My San Antonio: “Throughout these investigations, I have been repeatedly asked whether I believe the incident on Monday was based on racism. My answer is no.”

The biology teacher Moss was initially removed for suspension on her classroom while the university’s investigation started, but later on said that Moss’ “racial bias was not a factor,” and they proceeded to return her as the Biology department’s senior lecturer.

Unfortunately for Moss, her reinstatement would not last long as she was again suspended for a second time without any warning because of persistent complaints from a small minority of students and that she was facing “a new concern regarding classroom management.”


Joe Izbrand, the campus’ spokesman provided a statement from Kimberly Epsy, the Vice President for Academic Affairs: “A preliminary inquiry revealed that despite persistent and substantive intervention, there remain persistent concerns with Dr. Moss’ classroom management that warrant her relief from all instructional responsibilities at this time.”

Many students support her against the accusations, however, and some even opened up a petition on to help her be reinstated again. The majority of her students believe she is “kind and compassionate person” and “that she is very professional,” and now has an accumulated total of 600 signatures as of late for her petition.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: KENS 5

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