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Principal Demands 6 Students Get Naked And Stand Under Hot Sun For Insane Reason


When a group of students showed up late at school, the principal decided that they had to suffer if they were ever going to learn their lesson. As an intense punishment, the school administration decided that the boys would take off their clothes and stand naked in the streets of Andhra to publicly shame the young students. However, after the video of the bizarre punishment was posted online, the principal has gone on the run, trying to escape the eventual hammer that will fall on him as police gear up to launch an investigation.

The six students attended the Chaitanya Bharathi School at Punganur in Andhra’s Chittoor district. The principal forced them to strip naked so they could stand out in the street as punishment for showing up to school late.


The students were just nine and ten years old, so the video of their punishment is very bad. The six students are part of class 3, and 4 seen standing naked under the baking hot sun with their pants dropped to their ankles as a way to shame them in front of the entire city. They also had to keep their arms up in the air as various people passed by them including their fellow classmates.

The school is a private school, which means the principal feels like he can do whatever he wants to the boys under his command. However, this time school principal Maharaja Naidu went too far. Because the video was posted online, Naidu has gone on the run, trying to hide from people who expressed outrage at his cruel and unusual punishment.

The parents of the boys also feel that he went too far. They also know that the punishment came straight out of the head of Naidu. It was something he was known for doing.

In an interview with TCM, Achyuta Rao the president of Hyderabad’s child rights organization Balala Hakula Sangham, does not just point the finger of blame at Principal Naidu but at the school’s Mandal Educational Officer (MEO) for colluding with authorities to try to cover up the crime against the children’s basic human rights.

Rao said, “Our organization had a word with the MEO. Instead of immediately cancelling the recognition of the school, the MEO Leela Rani is trying to cover up the issue and has said that she will be taking up the matter with the higher authorities. Is that how an issue of such serious nature has to be dealt with? The principal of the school should be booked under POCSO Act as it’s a clear case of exploiting the children’s modesty. The children should also be given psychological counselling in the aftermath of such a traumatic experience.”

Because this issue has reached an international audience, Chittoor DEO B. Pratap Reddy said that an investigation into the incident has already been launched. The school may lose its official recognition for the 2019-2020 school year.

Principal Naidu remains on the run, trying to hide from the world that already knows about his cruel and unusual punishment – and his bizarre way of trying to discipline little boys.

Sources: The News Minute / Photo Credit: Post Image

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